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Cardboard Waste Recycling Wakefield

Our hassle free commercial cardboard waste collection and recycling service is exactly what people are looking for to contribute to making the UK a greener and eco-friendly, sustainable place to live in. We are available anytime to answer all questions you may have. You can reach us by calling us on 01924 637 410 today.

The great thing about businesses in Wakefield and its surrounding cities plus all of the UK is that we understand the need to implement more efficient and environmentally friendly practices into how we handle our waste in the business daily and recycling is a key component.

At Wakefield Waste, we are well known for the high quality service we provide including our free bins, free bin delivery and our excellent customer service. 

Defining Cardboard Waste Wakefield 

Cardboard waste is defined as cardboard material that we no longer have use for. It can be a packaging cardboard that was used to wrap up your delivery mail. Or boxes that used to keep office papers or even cereal boxes. Cardboard material can be corrugated which means the two cardboard papers glued together with the help of a zigzaggy, more softer but studier paper stuffed in between. This type of cardboard material is mostly used for heavier items such as printers, furniture and so forth. 

Another kind of cardboard is less sturdier and lighter than corrugated cardboard. It is mostly used in lighter item storage such as milk, eggs, cereal and so on and so forth. 

Both these types of cardboard can be recycled, except pizza boxes.

Cardboard Waste Recycling

The process of cardboard recycling and paper recycling are similar. This is because cardboard is made from paper materials which also means that virgin cardboard (cardboard that has never been recycled) is also made from trees. Here’s how we recycle cardboard waste:


You must place all the cardboard material that needs to be recycled in a container and we will come collect it. Due to the fact that cardboard waste can be bulky, we suggest that you keep it in balers instead of a regular wheelie bin to save space. You get to choose  the frequency of your cardboard waste collection to suit your business needs. We can collect daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as you wish. We’ll then transport the waste to our recycling facilities. 


At the recycling center, the cardboard will be sorted based on the type of cardboard, either boxboard or corrugated cardboard. After the sorting is done, they are then baled using cardboard baler machines to ensure that the boxes are compressed into compact bales to make them easier to handle. 


The baled papers will then be shredded and mixed with water at high speed to create paper fibres otherwise known as pulp. The pulp is passed through a cleaning and screening machine to remove any impurities such as plastic and staples and then heated to remove ink and glue. 

Final Stage

This is where the pulp is turned into sheets of paper before it can be shipped off to different manufacturers to be a different kind of paper material again such as egg cartons, newspapers, office papers, and much more.

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