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Glass Waste Recycling Wakefield

Looking for a sustainable glass recycling company? At Wakefield Waste, we are a certified glass recycling company that operates in and around Wakefield and all of the UK. With more than 30 years in the business, we have collected valuable experience in collecting glass waste and turning it into reusable glass products. The best thing about glass is that it can be recycled over and over again without losing its fires and quality. In the UK, we recycle over 90% of our glass bottles compared to the 40% of other countries. 

At Wakefield Waste, we strive to send zero glass waste to the landfills. We will ensure that all of your glass waste is recycled or repurposed. Contact us today. With us, you can never go wrong with your glass recycling and glass waste management. We are just one call away. 

Though waste, in its traditional sense means discarded stuff, not all discarded things have to be waste. 

What Constitutes as Glass waste? 

Glass Waste is glass material that is thrown away. It no longer has purposes or has fulfilled its intended purpose therefore, it is then discarded. For example, you may buy a bottle of Coca-Cola to quench your thirst and then, when done, dispose of it. That bottle, however, would not necessarily be out of use. You could reuse it for something else. Maybe to keep your drinking water or change it into something more permanent like a flowering pot or a makeshift vase. 

Recycling allows us to turn waste into useful, reusable items. It saves us energy, our natural resources and forces us to practise sustainable living, thus giving the future generations a chance to live long and fulfilling lives. That is why here at Wakefield Waste company we are so big on managing the waste we collect from businesses and industrial places in the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways we can think of. 

The Importance of Glass Waste Recycling

Did you know that glass comes from natural resources such as coal, ash, sand and limestone. Though ash, sand and limestone are not limited resources, what it takes to quarry them takes a toll on earth. The energy needed to dig up these resources is tremendous and so is the amount of water needed during the making. 

The process of making glass also emits a lot of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere causing air and water pollution. To top it all off, glass waste does not decompose. So, if it ends up in our landfills and landscapes, it’ll stay there for centuries. It has also been found that when glass is buried, it causes some kind of erosion in the soil, stripping it off of its nutrients which in then turns said soil into barren land, unable to bear any vegetation. This means then that without recycling, we’d find ourselves living in drought. In short, glass recycling helps us:

  • Conserve our natural resources 
  • Save energy 
  • Prevent air and water pollution 
  • Avoid adverse weather conditions 
  • Promote sustainable living 

Glass recycling Process

The glass recycling process is called a closed loop recycling process and it goes as follows:

The glass waste is collected separately and transported to a glass treatment plant. You decide when you want the collection to take place and how often. 

At the treatment plant, the glass waste will undergo a pre-treatment process to remove any impurities such as paper or plastic using blown air. If there are metal objects, they are removed with magnets. After that the glass  is sorted by colour and resin grade and washed again to remove any further impurities. 

Lastly, the glass is crushed to create cullets. The cullets are then melted and moulded into new glass products such as bottles and jars. This process can happen over and over again without the glass losing its properties, quality, and value. 

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