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Paper Recycling Wakefield

As the leading recycling company in Wakefield and surrounding cities and all of the UK, we collect and recycle over 600,000 tonnes of paper per annum. We are an eco–friendly company that strongly believes in the greater good of recycling. We understand that recycling reduces pollution and litter, helping to create a greener and cleaner society. If you are looking for a greener waste recycling company, you have come to the right place. 

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The Importance of Paper Recycling Wakefield

Recycling prevents valuable material going to landfill and ensures that it goes back into the manufacturing cycle for processing into new, useful packaging. For every paper that is recycled, we save valuable landfill space strained. Also, no waste going to landfill means we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately less of a negative impact on the environment.

Paper and paper materials such as cardboard are one of the major waste streams found in landfills and this is not a good thing. Most of these paper materials can be recycled and turned into valuable materials. As paper starts to decompose in landfills and other open spaces, it releases a greenhouse gas far more harmful than carbon dioxide known as methane. It attacks the atmosphere causing harmful reactions and weather conditions. Recycling ensures that we prevent this from happening. The controlled conditions in which paper is recycled releases no greenhouse gases while giving us more paper products to make our lives convenient and easier.

Recycling paper also saves us a great deal of our trees and prevents what is known as deforestation. Paper is created from trees. With every tonne of paper recycled, we save 14 old trees, 26,498 litres of water, 1,438 litres of oil, Three cubic metres of landfill space and up to 1.32 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. Though trees are a renewable resource, the rate in which they grow versus the rate in which they are cut down to make paper is exponentially disproportionate. 

Paper Recycling Process

What do we mean by recycling? Recycling is the process of reusing discarded materials which can be made into new products. For example, white office paper can be made into toilet paper, newspapers can be made into egg boxes, and normal plain paper can be made into cardboard and paperboard for cereal. Paper recycling is a four step process. 

Step one

Step one is collection. As a business, you already have so much to deal with and transporting your recycling waste to the recycling plants should not be on your to-do list. We’ll pick up the paper waste from your premises and transport it to your premises. Worried about the times and dates of collection? You do not have to. All of that is tailored to your business needs. 

Step two

Step is sorting and separation. At the recycling centre. Your paper will be sorted according to the grade and type of paper it is. This stage also ensures that the paper has no contaminants such as oil, grease or food. The paper will then be washed to remove all and any contaminants that may have been left. 

Step Three

Step three is called pulping. Here, the sorted and washed paper waste is mixed with water and some chemicals to create a mash of paper called pulp. 

Step Four

This is the last step where the mushed up paper or pulp is processed further. The pulp will be pressed, dried and rolled into large thin sheets of recycled paper. This paper will then be shipped to manufacturing plants where it will be made into new paper product

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